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We offer the full range of GSA Approved Class 5 Containers and UL Listed Burglary Resistant Safes meeting all DEA and various state requirements for the storage of Schedule Narcotics as well as Cannabis products.

The terms GSA container and GSA safe can be used interchangably. Most government agancies and service branches, as well as all private companies and organizations can use either GSA Approved Class 5 Containers or UL Listed Burglary Resistant Safes equipped with a UL Listed Group 1R Lock for the storage of Schedule Substances. This information is explained in detail under the Requirements tab, above.

We ship worldwide from our facility conveniently located near the Port of Norfolk, VA.

This is a application specific site which is a companion site for our more general GSA Container and Safe Website.

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GSA Rated Class 6 Multi-Lock Two Drawer Container
 GSA Approved Class 5 Pharmacy Container
GSA Rated Class 5 General Purpose Container
UL Listed TL15/TL30 Burglary Resistant Safe
Class 5 containers are typically required for the storage of sensitive items subject to outright theft such as weapons, ammunition and explosives, funds, jewels, precious metals, narcotics and evidence.  Class 5 containers may also be used for storage of classified documents, components, materials, and equipment.  They provide the same protection as Class 6 plus a minimum of ten minutes  against forced entry attack.  Class 5 containers are available in several types:  file cabinet, map and plan, general purpose, weapon storage and IPS (Information Processing Systems).

UL Listed Burglary Resistant Safes are very high security safes which are used to store items which are subject to theft, including valuables as well as narcotics. Many UL Listed Burglary Resistant Safes also offer fire ratings, which are not available for GSA Approved Containers. They generally offer a higher level of physical security and have features which allow them to be physically secured to the floor, as well as have facilities which allow the mounting of interrnal fire and door open sensors.

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